Friday, February 4, 2011

Filing..and not smiling...

I will be spending my weekend filing and organizing my COFFICE...closet/office..get it??
Normally, I am really good about keeping all the pertinent documents organized in my house (or garage)...lately I've been neglecting this task.
Evidence of the buildup below...
Some of the files I keep...organized by year
-Each child with the following certificates, test scores, handwritten stories and medical information.
-Expenses (all bills paid)
-ME with the following dividers...medical, backtoschool, etc..
-Car...Repairs and payments, insurance, etc...
-House...leases, letters, etc...
-Workplace ...paystubs, letters, etc...
-IMPORTANT (docs I keep up front for easy access)

Filing is so important especially at tax time. After I got caught up on my filing I was able to find all the information I needed to file my taxes.

Now I just need 2 more W-2's and I can get this tax season behind me.

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