Tuesday, February 1, 2011

MY TUESDAY REVIEW: Coffee Creamers....

So I didn't start drinking coffee til I worked for a large general contractor. YES, working with a bunch of construction workers made me addicted to coffee 3 years ago!
I need it to wake up, to sleep, and to feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I said I would only drink it in the winter months but that has turned into EVERYDAY!
Mr. Coffee was my very first coffee machine. I've since donated HIM to the jobsite that was responsible for my addiction saying I was going COLD TURKEY and quitting.

hmmmm that didn't happen...

Now I use...Folgers Coffee Singles. The come in these little tea bags and smell so good and you can make the cups as strong as you like! They come in decaf as well

While I don't use sugar I double up on the creamer..Okay sometimes I TRIPLE the flavors! Coffee Delight has some new yummy flavors...My favorites to mix are the Vanilla Latte and the Pepperint Mocha.

What's your favorite coffee and creamer?? Please share!

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