Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Me for Sale...Surviving Interviews....

The BEST THING about getting laid off is that you get a much deserved (but not requested) few days off! You can sleep in, stay in your pjs and eat junk in front of the tube all day...But that doesn't pay the bills, or buy the groceries or pay for the occassional haircut and pedicure...So at some point you must start working again.

Which brings me to the WORST THING about getting laid off: at some point you will have to sell yourself again.

Just as your previous employer was starting to love you and you've just settled into your job, BAM, they let you go...this has happened to me 3 times in one year! Yes the year was 2010!!!

They already knew how great you were and you already KNEW that job you have to convince someone else...just as you did them (in the beginning) that

a) you have a great personality
b) you are qualified
c) you can do anything
d) you don't care about the pay
e) you will never take a day off.....


The older I get the more and more I'm more up front with my Do's and Don'ts and my Can's and Won'ts!

I want flexible hours, I want higher pay, I want a 30 min lunch (don't make me take an hour), I want time away to attend my kids award shows, and I want benefits.

Lets see how far this takes me , I have 2 interviews this week...I know in my heart of hearts I will take the best offer, but the one that wants me to start immediatly and just be grateful to have a job.

Not fun being desperate. *sigh*

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