Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year...Out with the old...

IN WITH THE NEW....Starting my brand new journal today...and it felt good and I'm so ready for a new year...first things first...PURGE! writing in a journal is a good way to release your heart and free it up for the good things that are coming.

Purging is good around the house fact..let me share a few things I did around the house to KICK OFF OUR NEW YEAR.

I decided to tackle the 3 bedrooms. (on a budget)

1) PURGE: It's free!  Clean out /organize closets, purge junk drawers, throw out or file old papers, organize laundry closets, etc.

You will be amazed at how good it feels to DECLUTTER.

2) REARRANGE: Once all the clutter is clear you have a clean slate. This will make it easier for you to move furniture around and give the space a new look. Beds should be facing the door, windows should be free of hazards, books should be neatly organized, keep it simple.

   Sidenote: I bought a lego stand from Goodwill for 10 bucks for my son's lego and it was perfect!

3) New BEDDING: Just changing the linen and comforter on my queen sized bed gave me a lift!!!

  Sidenote: If you can't change completely add a chenile throw or new pillows to spruce things up.
I also got everyone new PJS for Christmas ( a tradition) and let me tell ya it feels so good to relax in a clean room with new sheets and new pjs...HEAVEN

4) ACCESSORIZE: I bought curtain panels for my daughters room from Big Lots..the only place I could find teal sheers.  I found a beautiful blue crushed satin panel from TJMAXX for my son's room and it matched perfectly

5) PHOTOS: Add photos of your loved ones or swap the old photos for some that are recent. Showcase the people you love.

Other quick and simple ways:
Add a Border
Add Plants or Flowers
Get a new RUG for center of the room
Update lightbulbs, add a new lamp

YOU can do it, its never too late to rearrange and start fresh!

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